Field Guide

Welcome to the field guide!

You'll find out everything you need to know about the world this comic take place in! As you could already tell, it's very different from our own. It's filled with magic, mystery, and dragons! This is a brief guide to the comic's universe. The full guide will eventually be assembled into a physical book! You can use this page to help answer any questions you have about the world and how it works.

Note* Some things are marked as "coming soon". This may be because it has yet to be explained in the comic. Also note** spoilers may lie ahead. Read ahead at your own risk if you didn't read up to the latest page!

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The Ancient Language

In the beginning of chapter 1, we are introduced to a dragon named Dark Angel. He speaks in a language seldom spoken by others. You can translate his messages using this sheet! Click it to go to the original post and even download the text file so you can type your own messages! Become a patreon and get the file that way too! Scroll past to learn more.

The language was written and spoken by the ancients, but was lost after Rare wiped out most of the ancient dragons. However, a few dragons still speak it as a means of secret communication. You can see what they are saying with this helpful sheet! As I image it, the language is gruff and throaty and sounds nothing like any spoken language...almost beast-like. It's a series of grunts and growls formed into a primitive language.


The Creatures

There are many beasts that live alongside the dragons. Here's a list of them all (in order of appearance). Note* Not all creatures will be here. Only the ones that are unique to the comic. Ravens, deer, and fish will not be here because they are very much like our own animals.


Terror Cats

Family: Feline

Size: 5 feet tall from paws to shoulder, 10 feet long from nose to tail

Special features: typically colored brown with dark spots; helps them camouflage in dirt, grass, and trees. They have six legs and two saber teeth that can grow to be a foot long. Long tail for stability when jumping and running.

Habitat: Warm climates. They live in forests and/or at the foot of mountains. Not built to survive cold weather. They hibernate when it gets cold. They are close relatives to the polar cats that live on mountains.

Diet: Omnivorous, but commonly eat meat. They only eat berries and leaves when meat is scarce. Feeds on anything they can catch. They can eat fish, birds, large mammals and even smaller dragons. They are strong enough to take down something twice their size.

Life expectancy: 40 years

First seen on: Ch 1 page 15

Terror cats are the largest felines to prowl the earth. They are intelligent, solitary animals that can stalk prey for days. They are very agile and can leap into tall trees in a single bound. These cats are ambush predators that can bolt at 50 miles per hour. They are frequently seen during the day, but will hunt at night if they need to. Terror cats also have a keen sense of smell and hearing and can pick up the trail of a prey animal and track it. They earned their name by their ferocious , highly territorial, nature and tendency to hunt dragons. They can be tamed with enough patience...and a whole lot of courage! Tamed cats are known to be faithful and will do anything for their masters.


 Rock Whisperers

Family: Reptile

Size: 7-10 feet long

Special features: typically colored green or blue with darker spots and freckles. They have three golden eyes and smooth, iridescent scales.

Habitat: Warm, moist areas. They prefer to lay on rocks waiting for unfortunate prey to wander by. They only exist in the spirit world.

Diet: Carnivores. Eat anything they can catch, wrap up, and fit into their jaws. They can easily take down large prey and swallow it whole. Non-venomous, but they are a powerful constrictor.

Life expectancy: 25 years

First seen on: Ch 1 page 18

Rock whisperers are snakes that are quite common in the spirit world. Like everything else that live there, they are very unusual animals. They are known to mimic sounds and use them to cleverly lure prey to them. They frequently copy mating or distress calls, but they sometimes confuse the speech of dragons for these them their name. They are very intelligent and deadly. Dragons can sometimes be lured by the snakes and killed, but rarely eaten due to their size.


 Star Gliders

Family: Reptile

Size: 2 feet long

Special features: typically colored brown, black, yellow, or white. They have fins that extend from the back that can enable gliding and a paddle-like tail used for steering. They are very fast runners making them hard to catch.

Habitat: Warm areas. They are commonly seen on plants, trees, and rocks hunting for insects or small prey. They only exist in the spirit world.

Diet: Carnivores. Eat anything they can catch.

Life expectancy: 15-20 years

First seen on: Ch 1 page 18

Star Gliders are a common animal in the spirit world. They are frequently chased by young dragons as a source of entertainment, but it's all fun and games until someone gets bit! Gliders have a nasty, toothy bite and they can clamp on with great force. A slight pinch to the back of their heads releases their hold. They also have a loud mating call that some dragons find irritating.


Important Places


Magador is large territory where the Fire Wings made their kingdom. It's almost completely surrounded by a mountain range and has a large, dense forest, and a wide open valley. A few of the mountains are volcanic and rivers of lava flow from them frequently. Due to the constant volcanic activity, hot springs can be found in around the mountains. These have become popular soaking spots for the heat-loving fire wings. The majority of Magador still has a retained beauty, but the areas around the volcanoes where the fire wing castle stands, a series of trenches and mines dug by the enslaved sky wings mar the once pristine valley.

First seen on: Ch 1 page 1


The Spirit Realm

The Spirit realm is a world almost entirely separated from the earth. It hangs above the land and comprises of all the stars and lights seen in the night sky from the earth. The beings that live here are very unusual and not found anywhere else. The dragons that live here are the spirit dragons who look down upon mortals (earth dragons) for all the trouble they constantly cause. Here dragons live in everlasting peace and respect for others thrives. Unlike on the earth, hybrid dragons are quite common here for the spirit dragons do not live in separated kingdoms or species. They live intermixed and in harmony under Great Fury. Ancient tongues and messages lay hidden throughout this world suggesting it is very ancient...perhaps even older than the land below.

First seen on: Ch 1 page 17


Fury's Palace

A massive structure located somewhere in the far lands of the spirit realm, Fury's palace is said to be the largest building ever created. It was built by the ancients to house the royal pair of dragons that ruled the world. Fury lives in it along with his collection of plants and animals he obtained through gifts. The building is filled with a seemingly endless maze of hallways and doors with large chambers housing libraries, gardens, meeting places, lounges, and more. Some rooms are sealed off or haven't been used in centuries. The exact location of the palace is known to only a few dragons, but upon request, other dragons can gain access to it by using a couple world gates and Foris, who can open a gateway to any location. 

First seen on: Ch 1 page 28

The Void

A strange dimension that exists between reality and thought. It can only be accessed and used by ancient royals who used it peer into reality and observe all that was happening around them. Though it, reality can be seen though glass windows and can be flipped though like pages of a book. It has been said the royals used it to also study their history as they could also look at windows displaying past events. Its origins are unknown and so is its size and original purpose. It has been described as pleasantly warm, but deathly silent.

First seen on: Ch 1 page 13

Important Things

World Gates

These gates are found in both the mortal and sprit realms, but what is unique about them is that a single gate exists in both worlds at the same time. They are the remaining links between the two worlds and dragons of both worlds are free to travel between them ONLY if they possess a keystone. Keystones activate the gates; without them, the gate is in a dormant state and one can walk between the crystals, but would not travel between worlds. The gates are found just about everywhere, but they are becoming more scarce due to being destroyed by unknown vandals. Once destroyed, a gate can't be re-built. Once they are all destroyed, the mortal and spirit realms will be totally separated with no way to travel to and from them...this is worrisome for the dragons who need to travel between worlds to aid Great Fury.

First seen on: Ch 1 page 12


Star Bridges

These bridges made of starlight and ancient magic are quite common in the sprit realm. Activated by walking between either pair of stone obelisks found on each end of the structure, they appear in a bright beam of light and stay visible and "solid" as long as one is walking on it. The bridges dissolve and completely vanish when not in use. Dragons can fly across the span without hitting the bridge...unless it is currently in use. The surface seems to be a strange mix of a fluid and a solid; Feels like warm water, but can be walked upon as if it were solid rock. The bridges can only be destroyed if one of it's supporting obelisks are damaged or destroyed. It is within them that the bridge "sleeps" before being activated.

First seen on: Ch 1 page 18