24th Apr 2017, 11:36 AM in Ch1: The Escape
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Author Notes:

CrystalCircle 24th Apr 2017, 11:36 AM
Annnd we're back! Sorry for the hiatus. A new work schedule had my entire life turned around, but I'll be posting pages again starting now!


Jenny 24th Apr 2017, 12:00 PM
Oh yessss! This was such a nice surprise to see this comic update again! They are both so cute. I absolutely love your writing here! It's so natural and flows so nice! I can see this being like a conversation real human kids would have. Also I love that Bo hoards his toys in his bed and lays on top of them. Either that's hoarding behavior that's typical of dragons, or he's just hiding them from her.
CrystalCircle 24th Apr 2017, 11:34 PM
The only dragon species that have a very obvious hording behavior are the butterfly dragons. Some dragons my collect things, but it's not something you would consider hoarding behavior. Bo is just protecting his things from the toothy terror that is Swift...she chews on a lot of things!
Falathis 24th Apr 2017, 10:01 PM
Yay on updates!!! I think it is for protection from her.
CrystalCircle 24th Apr 2017, 11:35 PM
You would be correct :D
Guest 24th Apr 2017, 11:39 PM
So all the sky wings are working as slaves, and Bo is annoyed that someone wants to be his friend... Not the most thoughtful character I've ever seen.
CrystalCircle 25th Apr 2017, 12:00 AM
Bo is actually a very closed character. He lets very little into his life and has a hard time accepting new situations or feelings. Swift is practically opposite of him and it drives him crazy at times. He has learned to kind of deal with her and occasionally they do play together when he's in the mood. Bo also has just woken up from a very confusing situation. He woke up crying, but doesn't remember why and it's frustrating to him. He just wants time alone, but Swift doesn't quite get that.
dragonriderabens 25th Apr 2017, 7:06 AM
huh, sounds like Bo is a little ASD...
Guest 25th Apr 2017, 11:32 PM
It seems like he's much less simple than I first thought. I think giving the characters complex personalities makes them more relatable, and it also makes the story more interesting.
Tankaa 26th Apr 2017, 8:34 PM
Welcome back.

It's both hard to send and receive those all-important messages, huh?
Fizz 30th Apr 2017, 9:37 AM
Aw, Swift is so sweet and affectionate, though Bo doesn't seem to appreciate it.

I wonder what type of toys Bo has? They look quite small.
CrystalCircle 30th Apr 2017, 8:55 PM
Bo's toys are pretty much the equivalent of action figures or dolls. They are made of wood and stone and some are painted. He does have a cloth ball he tosses around at times and he has bones from some animals he got as meals.
dragonriderabens 20th May 2017, 1:28 PM
I LOVE how you show bo's tears slowly drying up as the this page progesses...
again the sheer amount of detail you put into this...
I come back to check for an update, re-read the last page, and pick up on things that I miss the first time around...
just like how there are things in movies that you miss the first time you see them, but you are able to catch the umpteenth time you see it
Iris 13th Jun 2017, 1:54 PM
This is cool when is the next update?
sorry im not trying to sound rude
DragonSeeker 16th Jun 2017, 4:51 PM
I think I get what other's were saying on the last page. So far we've seen an update every 2-3 or more months and no clear sign of any information on what the delay is.
Fizz 18th Jun 2017, 3:46 PM
CC is currently working on a Sister Sister side comic "Always" for LGBT Pride month. She has posted two pages (of six) so far, the first of which is at

CC says this about the comic: "This six page mini comic tells the tale of how Sigma met Blitz. This is a male/male pairing so if you don't like it, don't read it.

Blitz hasn't been introduced in the main comic and won't be for a while, but he's just as important as Sigma. Blitz is deaf, but even if he wasn't he wouldn't let negative opinions bring him down or stop him from being who he is: a tank that has the personality of a springtime butterfly.

Sigma on the other hand is a trouble-maker and, due to events I can't mention because of spoilers, tends to avoid all possible good things in his life. Blitz was the one thing that turned his life around."


The latest from CC on the main comic is at "Hey guys, quick update on Sister Sister, I had to redo the layout of a few upcoming pages, but they are all finished now and ready to be colored. I'll work on getting the new page up by Saturday [June 4th]."

She has been further delayed since she posted that. I suspect she is concentrating on the "Always" side comic because it was due by 10th June...
DragonSeeker 15th Jul 2017, 7:11 PM
Nothing personal... but they REALLY need to add this information to this page. I can get why others were complaining, the last few pages have had a 2-3+ month gap between updates.

Stop making us hunt on your DA page, update the info HERE so we can see it, and not need 3rd party commenters to share the info the author should put here themselves.

I don't go to DA, all its ads and the site its self is laggy and hard to navigate. I rather the info I seek be at the comic I read, else the comic just looks dead.
Zalcoti 16th Jul 2017, 8:56 AM
I second DragonSeeker.

It's really bad form to not update the main website(s). It's even worse when it's been 3+ months, multiple times now, without a single hello. Five minutes to explain why there isn't another update would satisfy most readers. Otherwise, readers will not come back if there isn't enough communication.

If there are too many places to upload and keep track, well cut those down to the most popular/what you can manage better. It's too easy to neglect multiple websites since it can be a drag to visit them all (I know by experience).

Your readers care so try to show some back.
DragonSeeker 17th Jul 2017, 2:54 AM
There’s not a single web comic I read that don't inform its readers of a delay. Even an unexpected one they still come back once they can and inform us readers ON the page the comic is posted.

I mean it really puts this comic in bad light when the last update was 24th Apr 2017, and they said they JUST got back from a hiatus that they never informed anyone about to start with. I don’t know about everyone else, but as a new reader here and seeing that I thought the comic was dead. It wasn’t until I looked at the comments I saw the post by someone else on what the author is doing.

That to me is pretty sad and a poor way to interact with your readers. Seeing this kind of trend, you likely lost me as a reader. It was a good story, but looking at how long the updates have been, having zero information given to us on the site, and expecting people to know where to go hunt for said information is just not a good way to go.

I’ll stick to other comics like Skin Deep, Goblins, Daughter of the Lilie, Forgotten Order and so on. Comics whos authors care about there readers and inform us when they need a break or something else came up to slow updates. Comics that don’t make you have to hunt for that information or need to hear it from someone else.

Because 3+ months between updates several times now? Pff. I'm not waiting for when and if it'll continue only to have to wait 3+ more months for the next page again.
Alleza 17th Jul 2017, 8:26 PM
Heck the delays due to them drawing another comic? Why not post said comic HERE as a 'filler'? What think the readers here wouldn't enjoy reading a COMIC related to the story going on? The artist don't seem to think that much. "Oh lets not update the main comic for three months and give no hint of whats going on but post a related comic on this other site and hope people go there for it and any update info."
Decon 19th Jul 2017, 1:21 AM
I'm with everyone else. I gave this comic one more try after the LAST update that was over three months in the making.

The author only posted an update on their DA journal that you had to navigate to 'old' journal posts to find it as DA's artist page only shows the latest entry. Trust me, DA's navigation is horrid. Trying to find it when you only have journal titles to go by and having to click though each one until you FINALLY find the info is just BS on soooo many levels.

I was hoping after the backlash on the last page the author would get the hint that such a thing was pissing a lot of readers off. I was hoping that after they said they JUST GOT BACK from a hiatus that they would sort there shit.

But no, another three months NO info on this site and you again have to hunt through old DA journal posts to find any damn information on what the flip is going on.

I quit. This comic isn't worth it with updates like this and an author that can't be bothered to inform their readers properly. No one wants to go on a damn Easter egg hunt on another site that is slow as oil just to find out what is going on.
SwiftWing 24th Jul 2017, 6:31 PM
I want the author to look at this comic
Then look at there own.
What do you see them doing that you are not?

If you guessed them posting that they are going on a few months' break to get the next chapter in order as well as to give them some time off you would be right. What do they also do that you don't? Show us they plan to come back Sept 26th to resume updates.

Now you see what is missing here? Clean clear information that one don't have to hunt for, information on what they are doing, and when they'll be back.

Is this information posted on another site?
Is this information hard to find?
Is it clear what is going on?

But this comic? It's dead. The updates have been coming out in such a slow mindnumbing pace with no insite on whats going on.

Is a author can't be botherd to spend a few moments to inform there readers on thing's going on that may hinder updates or other projects there doing instead, then they really should rethink if doing a comic is for them.

That is even more clear when you look at the archive and see that the comic has been around sense 2014 and only has 65 pages. The last 4 have taken over six months. So that's, 7-8 pages a year giver take at this rate?

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but for us readers this is very frustrating. It's hard to back up a comic or the author when they seem to care so little about what there doing.

Guest 26th Jul 2017, 9:43 AM
You know it's really not that frustrating why cry because someone else has a life and can't always work on this comic it's a good comic who cares if some times some times you have to wait
SwiftWing 26th Jul 2017, 8:58 PM
Because it wouldn't be a big issue if they said something? Yes life happens, but it's good for keeping readers to inform us of such. Leaving people in the dark just loses you readers, same with making the info you seek hidden or hard to locate.

I mean heck, look at
The comic has been dead for over a year, but many fans remain because they TOLD us what was going on and that they had RL issues they needed to tend to. They also keep us updated on a very clear twitter posting. That is how you keep your readers and fan base. It's understandable that shit happens.

But when you leave us in the dark, the comic feels abandoned, and people leave, unbookmark, and never return.

This comic just said they just got back from a hiatus, a hiatus they didn't inform the readers about. Now it's going on 4 moths with no update, and no info on what's happening outside there DA that you have to hunt for.

Any new readers that may come here will see the date the page was posted, see the 'just came back from hiatus' and think the comic dead because no info is made clear.

As a comic artist myself, it's not something you ever want happen. Old readers will start to leave, and new ones wont stick around.
Guest 30th Jul 2017, 5:33 PM
4 months betwen updates? fuck that
Alleza 27th Jul 2017, 7:21 PM
'Sometimes' Have you SEEN the last few updates? It's only had 4 pages thos whole year thus far! Plus that isn't what so many are going on about, they want info, news, anything posted ON THIS SITE instead of having to hunt for it on another.

It's a little bit of a dick move to hear there drawing another comic and not posting it here or anything on it here. From all view points they have abandoned this comic.
Fizz 6th Aug 2017, 3:28 PM
CC has posted another update on Deviantart (dated July 30). Owing to work and vacations, it seems we will be waiting a while for another comic update:

"Hey guys!

Sorry for being so inactive recently. I've been working over time A LOT this past week and even had to work a little this weekend, but all this overtime means a fat paycheck which most of it will go to paying off various things (student loans mainly...).


I have two family vacations this month. One is my family's annual camping trip which is next weekend [August 5-6]. The other is a five day long trip to Kentucky where we will be in the path of totality for the 2017 solar eclipse. Both of these trips require a lot of planning and I've been working on that for a while. During the camping trip, I won't have my computer at all, but I'll be online from time to time on my phone. The Kentucky trip I'll only be on my computer late at night when I get back to the hotel. I'll pretty much have zero time for art for the next few weeks unfortunately. I'll do some stuff in my sketch book, but I probably won't get the chance to upload those until I get home after the eclipse trip."

Link for full post:
Decon 8th Aug 2017, 6:05 PM
This is my point. How many knew of this? Is it really that hard to post that information HERE?
Fizz 13th Aug 2017, 9:51 AM
I'm just posting the info because CC isn't. I think everyone commenting agrees CC should be posting status updates here. I don't know why she doesn't.

(I also suspect she doesn't read the comments while the comic is inactive, so she probably doesn't see us asking for status updates.)
SwiftWing 16th Aug 2017, 9:46 AM
I don't know why I keep peeking back at this. Someone should really bring this issue up to the author. As is I'm done. I'm sick of waiting several months for a single update and having an author who is too lazy and inconsiderate to let readers know in a means that is easy to find like right on the comics page like every other webcomic out there does. I'm not going on a wild goose chanse trying to find info that may or may not be out there on another site that is laggy and ad filled.
Guest 16th Aug 2017, 12:06 PM
Not to mention full of viruses.
Guest 16th Aug 2017, 12:11 PM
This website is run in a VERY unprofessional manner. I would expect someone who's running a Patreon campaign, and ADVERTISING one page ahead on dA linking to this place, would be a bit more competent.

If this is supposed to be the main draw, it appears to be so, then this website comes first, not dA.
Guest 17th Aug 2017, 12:29 AM
I feel bad for the 4 Patreons they do some how still have. There getting ripped off badly.
Draco 17th Aug 2017, 6:16 PM
I bet they are either friends or family who are members. That or people who don't know they are still subbed to it. I don't see why anyone would pay for updates like this. Only 4 updates this whole year for the comic? That is BS on a whole new level.
Erren 6th Sep 2017, 11:37 AM
Hey guys guess what! Just posted an update that they'll be resuming there comic this oct!

After they gave a year long announcement on what was going on unlike this comic that we don't have a clue on and can't find info for shit :3 And look at there fourms come alive with readers that have stuck by them because they explained what was happening with RL issues.

Yep, I'd rather wait a year for updates from them then a few months on end for whenever this damn comic choses to randomly update with an author so lazy they can't even tell us WTF is going on outside of another site that is hard to nav through thats laggy as shit with ad's up the ass that has more than once stuck a virus on my system.

So a big ᶠᶸᶜᵏ♥ᵧₒᵤ 凸(¬‿¬)凸 to this crap comic and its author that clearly don't care about us. It's sickening to think people are fucking paying for this crap random update no info on a Patreon... what a load of shit. Scam and rip off more like it.
Guest 6th Sep 2017, 11:43 PM
110% agree. I'm also glad the artist for zombie hunters is back, I know the pain of getting the right balance of meds to keep you going.

But yeah at least they kept us updated over the year they were gone and dealing with real life. What has this comic gone? Nothing. and people are really paying for this? that's sad.
Fizz 24th Sep 2017, 3:51 PM
CC has posted another update on Deviantart (dated September 17).

Tl;dr version: She is trying to build a buffer, and will resume posting comics when she has enough to maintain a schedule. She expects this to be early to mid next month. She might post a few sneak peeks and sketches before then, though.

"Hey guys!

Sorry for being inactive for a while. [chop]

comic stuff...and I mean THE comic this time. I'm almost done with the next page, BUT I'm not going to post it as soon as I'm done. I'm going to hold onto it and the next few pages for a bit until I cement an upload schedule and fully Finnish a few pages in advance. This is how I always wanted to do it, but I got too excited and posted pages without having the next one done and I had to rush to try and finish it in time (which as most of you may know that almost never happens).

The comic is still on hiatus, so sad to say this is not the end of that, however the end is in sight! I'll give an updated date for it when I get the next two pages done. I still plan to publish new pages every Saturday so it's super important that I get pages done in advance so I can schedule them to post in case I'm too busy to do it myself. Both main websites have the ability to schedule pages and so does my DA (as long as I keep paying for my core membership) so this will work out perfectly!

You can expect the comic to return sometime early to mid next month. I'll be posting another series of story board sneak peaks and my practice sketch dumps...basically pages filled with expressions, poses, and other little things."

Address of full post:

The full post also has a bit about her work at the annual Cleveland Chalk Fest, a beautiful picture of a red dragon in his lair. The finished picture of this is here:

(To forestall likely responses: Yes, I wish CC had posted this here, but I think it's better that someone does if she doesn't. Please don't shoot the messenger.)
Guest 29th Sep 2017, 4:09 AM
just poped in from top web comics as im a fan of dragons
but the last post date was discuraging
someonepointed out the comic had four pages this year and no news
reading coments inever saw a comic that killed off its reader base so fast
it looks like only the artists friends still come here
do people really pay for this comic that is sad if they do
the artist needs to mnake up its mind on what its doing
im on da but i rather read comics that don't leave you hanging

mr_creepssss 30th Oct 2017, 6:02 AM
is this dead? if not when can i expect the next page?
Guest 31st Oct 2017, 1:04 AM
it's dead. They said they just got back from hiatus then go 7 months with no update, only news keeps coming from an outside site relayed by the authors friends as there too lazy to bother to do it themselves. Even the last few pages had months between updates.

Even if a new page does come up you'll be waiting months again for the next page as it seems to be the trend looking at the archive.

So many readers have already abandoned this due to the authors lazyness and refusal to five us any easy to find information on what is going on. I'm about to do the same as I am sick of waiting. Nice story but not worth this BS.
Guest 17th Nov 2017, 6:34 AM
WTF is this shit. I came here looking for a good story with dragons and come to find an artist who clearly should never be into doing comics if they can't even be bothered to give normal updates. But then they are clearly lazy as shown by it just having 65 pages in FOUR YEARS.

Most comics update once to twice a week. This one is lucky to update once every few months whenever the fuck they feel like. No thank you, not even bothering to read it as like the others, I see a comment of returning from hiatus last fucking APRIL and not a damn thing else outside what other people relay in the comments.

News flash: Don't make comics if you
1. Can't hold to some sort of update schedule that is not several months long.
2. Are too lazy to inform your readers of WTF is going on ON THE COMICS SITE instead of where ever the hell there being posted.
3. Want people to go to another site that is not clearly linked, or even directed to, or have that information clearly posted on said site just to get updates if they can even be found.

Guest 19th Nov 2017, 2:18 AM
" CrystalCircle 24th Apr 2017, 11:36 AM
Annnd we're back! Sorry for the hiatus. A new work schedule had my entire life turned around, but I'll be posting pages again starting now!" when is 'now'? to me it's looking more like 'never'.

Fizz 3rd Dec 2017, 11:33 AM
For anyone else who still checks here for updates, CC made another announcement on Deviantart on November 5 (yeah, that was a while ago, but I'm not checking that often any more).

Tl;dr version: No date for when the comic will resume, but she has three pages ready; she'll upload once she has five pages buffered. CC also explains why the comic is on hiatus: Basically, the pressure to make regular updates is stressing her out. She's promised Patreon users will be able to read one page ahead (for $2/month) when she gets going again. She is also appealing for guest comics and banners.

Full post:
"Hey guys!

For a looong time now I've been promising the return of my webcomic, Sister Sister. Well the wait it almost over! Part of the reason for the hiatus was to figure out how to post pages more frequently without being overwhelmed or stressed out about it.

In truth, back when I was trying to update once a week, I was working on a single page a week and I was dealing with the stress of making it on if it were a school assignment. Making a comic is supposed to be fun and I was having the exact opposite of fun. Sometimes I hated it for all the stress it brought me and so I simply put it on hiatus. I don't hate my comic. I LOVE it and I'm really attached to it and I want to complete it and share it with all of you, but I hated what it was doing to me...what I was doing to myself.

So with that, I've been asking fellow comic artists how they push out pages so quickly and on a fixed schedule. I'm not fast like some other artists, in fact, it takes me a long time to do shit because I'm involved with so many other things and sometimes I feel completely unmotivated and don't have the energy to do anything (you can blame my depression for that part). The response I got from other comic artists was pretty much the same: have a buffer! So I decided to have a buffer of five pages at the minimum. That's a pretty safe amount of pages and something I should be able to keep up with. So less stress for me so I can finally enjoy drawing my comic!

As far as updates are concerned, I think I'm going to stick with once a week on Saturdays. I hate to update only once a week, but until I get less-busy and less worried about other junk, that's the max I can manage. So after I get everything sorted out and get back to updating, things are going to be pretty much the same, but I am going to be making some changes...

The biggest change...

THREE new pages will be available at one time!

I'll post one page on my DA as usual and link it with a new page on the website...also as usual. However, now I'll be posting an additional page on Patreon that will be available to those who pledge $2 a month. So those of you who read off of DA can visit the website to read the next page and click on the Patreon link to read the page after that if you are a supporter!

(continued in next post...)
Fizz 3rd Dec 2017, 11:34 AM
(and now, the continuation...)

I'm bringing back guest banners and guest comics!

The banner is the artwork you see at the top of the comic website. Usually I do these, but I'll be taking submissions for guest banners again. I did these a while back with a holiday theme, but I'll take ANY kind of banner (holiday-themed ones will only be posted near that holiday). Banner rules and specs are the same:

Banner specifics (VERY important!):
* MUST be 1000 x 300 pixels! It won't work well if it's too large or small
* Has to have "Sister Sister" someplace in the image.
* Can be any character(s) doing anything (no NSFW!)
* Must be your own art (don't steal or use a base)
* can be a gif (animated)
* Do not move it or re-name it! Since the site grabs the image URL it's important to not change or remove the image's location. If you do, it can't find it and it won't show up!

Rules for banner art
* again, no NSFW content
* must be Sister Sister related (obviously)
* Can be anything you want (not just holiday themed...though having a holiday themed one around a holiday would be nice!).
* You can include your chracter(s) too!
* Keep it in the resolution as stated above
* Have fun with it!
* Guest banners will be rotated with other guest banners and my own and will stay up for a week at a time.

Guest comics
* Can be any size, but please make them in "portrait" not "landscape" format. It fits the website better. I'll resize the page(s) if needed.
* Can be about anything as long as it involves Sister Sister in some way.
* You can include your own character(s)!
* Guest comics and fan art will be on the "fan art" tab and any new additions will be added to my comment at the bottom of that week's page.
* I WILL accept NSFW fan comics and art. All NSFW content will be marked with a red line on the website's "fan art" tab.
* Can be traditional or digital art.
* If there is dialog, please make it legible. You want people to read it, right? :D

Changes to Patreon

I already stated that people can pay a minimum of $2 and read one page ahead of the website, but there will be additional changes that will be announced after the comic returns.

Speaking of the comic's return, I'm still not sure when it will come back, but I'm working on the pages. I'll start posting when I have five completed. I'm nearly done with my 3rd. I'm not sure how I'm going to post the "page previews". I know you guys liked those, but I may stop doing them because the latest pages will now be on Patreon and not on the website. I may post previews from time to time instead of before every update.

Just because the comic is on hiatus, doesn't mean I'm not open for banner and fan comic submissions! If you have one, let me know and I'll que it up for the websites.

Thanks for your patience guys! :D"

Guest 6th Dec 2017, 10:39 PM
I’m sorry, but if that was posted a month ago and we still have yet to see anything here, even any news like many have been asking for than I think she should just call it quits. Already any readers she uses to have are long gone by this point.

If doing comics is too much stress then that’s another reason to just end it. It’s also rather sick that she is having people pay to see pages early when she can’t even update more than once every few months. I mean hell, her last update was 8 months ago and she only has 3 pages done?

Nearly every comic only updates once a week, comics that update more than that tend to have teams of people, someone doing the drafts and inks, another flats, another colors. Etc.

What really is driving the nail is she expects people to pay her to see comics ‘early’. How early? A year early? If she can’t do weekly comics, then she shouldn’t have people paying her for it. That’s a scam and a rip off. Now she think’s she’ll get other people to make comics and banners for her? Who would do that when they can’t even manage it? I’m sorry but this is becoming a joke at this point.
Guest 3rd Jan 2018, 5:22 AM
I have to ask, what drug's are they taking to think people will pay to see pages ahead of time when they can't give us an update in almost a year?
SwiftWing 7th Dec 2017, 4:47 PM
haha...haha... HAHAHAHAHA! WTF? It took them all this time to do just two pages?! TWO?! And they want to give us three next update? There goes there little page back up then. I suppose we than wait another nine months to a year for the next batch again. That was also posted last month? Yet we still have nothing to show for it? OMFG.

This is a joke right? Even her wanting us to pay to see these pages ahead of time? That's it.. this is author is just too stupid for this to go on. I'm going to see if I can report her Patreon as a scam at this point. because wtf man. You can't charge people and not be able to keep updates on time or even fucking properly inform people as to wtf is going on.
SequoiaStoryteller 7th Jan 2018, 12:09 AM
Crystal Circle, just keep going. Personally I think people here are being far too harsh about your updates. I know what kind of work and dedication it takes to make a comic like this and I like your story so I'm going to keep reading so long as there are pages to read. As far as I'm concerned you can go on hiatus as long as you fancy for whatever reason, because it's your comic and you were never obligated to share it with all of us in the first place. People are acting far too outraged about such a thing. It's not the end of the world. Do with your own comic what you will. :)
Guest 17th Jan 2018, 6:37 PM
I'm going to guess that by the icon that you are a good friend to the author hm? Such that you will defend and accept whatever they do regardless of what they do. Like not give us proper information and need a 2nd party to relay it, or still think it’s okay to charge people to 'see pages ahead of time' when they haven't done anything in close to a year, and in that year they admit to have done... two... three pages?

I don't know about you but when it comes to my graphic design work I rather have my friends and family tell me up front what's wrong with it than sugarcoat it and make it all sound like its great and you're doing alright. This is why I never trust feedback or criticism from such people, no matter how bad it is they always say it looks great.

It's the people unrelated, those who are not 'friends' who’s voices matter most. You're average reader, the people coming in here from outside links seeing this mess. From the looks of that, no one here is happy with how things are going, outside the ‘friends’.

You still say its okay?
Guest 17th Jan 2018, 6:48 PM
Oh and " I know what kind of work and dedication it takes to make a comic like this" why are most other webcomics, about to update at least once a WEEK? Some like updates nearly EVERY DAY.

Or heck
He vanished for a bit and then POSTED AN UPDATE on what happened, something your FRIEND has failed to do.
They update every week with a break between chapters.
They have been going strong updateing every week for what is it? 14 YEARS now?
They after updating nonstop once/twice a week that there going on a 3 month break, a well deserved one if you ask me.
This comics been updating for years and is up to page number 1165! They even while STILL UPDATING the comic every week went back and updated past pages with there new updated art and better story flow.
This one has been updating every week and uses a combo of 3D models and photoshop work to make each page. With all that + extra rendering time for the 3D how do you "know what kind of work and dedication it takes to make a comic like this"?

A comic that hardly had 60 pages in 4 years? A comic where they can't give us any updates where it matters and want you to hunt for it? A comic that is nearly a year with no updates and the last update we hear was from Nov of last year saying they have TWO pages done this whole time?

This is a joke right?
SequoiaStoryteller 18th Jan 2018, 5:05 PM
Steady on, Guest... I will answer you one bit at a time. And I will do so with peaceful intentions.

First, I do agree with you that when people have done an author the good turn of following and becoming invested in a story, it is not very professional or courteous to leave that audience hanging without any clear explanation. I'm not saying Crystal Circle couldn't stand improve her communication and conduct her project more professionally.

Am I a friend to Crystal Circle? I couldn't be called such because she and I have never once spoken, and I doubt she knows of my existence even.

How do I know what kind of work and dedication it takes to make a comic like this? Well, that's just personal experience, as I have made and continue to make comics myself.

Do I still think this is okay? Yes, I do, and for this reason: Crystal Circle is not, for example, a government agent legislating federal regulations that are going to affect millions of people. She's only making a webcomic. Therefore, this situation is not nearly worth the amount of outrage it's receiving. Poor handling of her webcomic isn't professional or courteous, but ultimately is 'okay', because no one is being harmed by it. If we don't like her comic or how she handles it, we are free to walk away and turn our attention to things we do like, consequence-free. The same goes for people supporting her on Patreon... no one is being forced to pay her anything. Patrons can stop their pledges anytime.

The reason I first posted was because I saw what I perceived to be a disproportionate level of anger and aggression being directed at the author personally, and I suppose I just felt like softening it a bit. For all we know her output could be slowed and her communication poor because she is struggling with a hard time in her life, and people calling her names, throwing profanity at her, and calling her work 'crap' doesn't help in any case. And we as an audience lose out too, if we do that, because she may even be discouraged from continuing at all if she takes it to heart.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing to criticize a creator's work, not at all. It can be very beneficial to point out the ways in which they could improve (and I'm not supporting 'sugarcoating' either). But vitriol and aggression are not constructive criticism, they are destructive, and could even be taken as bullying when they go too far. The commenters here are not wrong to criticize, but I believe the outrage here has just gone far overboard.

Lastly, I want to assure you that I'm not here to fight or argue with anybody, and I also am not trying to act 'holier than thou' by stating a more forgiving opinion. I don't wish to create more conflict, therefore I likely won't be returning for a second reply. I do believe I've said my piece sufficiently enough. Thanks for considering.
Dragonheart 20th Jan 2018, 2:25 PM
Comming back here, I think I can say plenty of people have already suggested what they had wanted from the comic artist: Updates on what is going on posted ON this comic site. Not their DA where you have to hunt for it in past jurnal logs. If they would just post updates in an easy to find manner instead of having us hunt for it on some other site that is not clearly linked to and that most here have stated is laggy and ad filled.

Example: As a new reader comming in here from say, top web com,ics. They only see this:
" CrystalCircle 24th Apr 2017, 11:36 AM
Annnd we're back! Sorry for the hiatus. A new work schedule had my entire life turned around, but I'll be posting pages again starting now! "

That is it, to me? The comic looks dead, abandoned for nearly a year. I'm not part of DA, that site is confusing and takes ages to load some of the pages with all the stupid aps and animated gifs some pages have splatterd all over. I'm not going there in hopes of finding word on an update and hunting though old jurnal posts.

Most readers wont bother to read through comments, and those that do may just add fule to the fire like we have seen. The last news update was posted here by another user a month after it got posted on DA, and it's not in good light to admit you only have 2-3 pages done in almost a years time, and then ask users to support them by paying to see pages early? That to me almost sounds like a scam. You shouldn't charge people to see pages 'ahead of time' if you can't keep up the basic norm of a once a week update like 100's of other comics do.

I'm working on a webcomic myself. I'm already 27 pages into it, and I've yet to start posting it. I'm working to get the first chaptor done so I can release the first half of the chaptor in bulk for readers to start with and use the last half as a buffer for weekly updates as I continue work. Thus far Ive been able to get one/two pages a done every week with only a single weak break thus far. This has also allowed myself to sort out a good way to pace myself, how long to work each day so I have time for other things.

I'm also far from thinking of starting a Patreon or any of the like until I have a good chunk of the comic going and see if theres enough support/readers for it, and if the readers want to support it that way. Be surprised how many times I've seen webcomics have commenters asking for a Patreon to support the comic they like.

So in away, I'm also in agreement to what the one poster said. If making a comic is too stressful, if you can't keep up with basic updates, or cant post news where it matters for readers to see, then maybe doing a webcomic isn't ideal.
Art as it Is 8th Mar 2018, 9:55 PM
Art as it Is
After reading the comments across the last few pages I’m going to try and summerise why this comic is getting so much hate right now, and hope the author see's this and addresses the issue readers have been having and tries to improve.

This is not ment to add to the hate, but just to help make clear what has been going on and why readers don't approve.

• The first page was posted Cover (8th Jul 2014, 11:46 PM), almost 4 years ago.
• In this 4 years time, there are only 64 pages to this comic, with this last year being void of any updates. These pages are scattered with sometimes months between new pages.
• The last update posted to this page was on 24th Apr 2017, 11:36 AM, and stated that they just came out of a hiatus (that they never posted about here) and would start work again.
• Prier to this 'hiatus' there was a 3 month gap before a page was posted, with no word of a 'hiatus' for that time.
• Updates and news to the comic seem to only be posted to the authors Deviant Art page instead of the comics page. This is bad for a number of reasons.

• For one, there’s no clear link or info saying to look to the Deviant Art page for updates. General readers won’t know to look there and will only see the update info posted here.
• These updates to DA are posted in journal entries and may have nothing at all to do with the comic as they are general journal’s, so most the time we find info on the day to day instead.
• The archive to these DA journal post’s sort only by title, that again have no reflection to comic updates, so finding a post that has the updates means a lot of scrolling and searching through each post, where any update info may also be mixed in with any other day to day. is the archive.
• On top of this, if you’re not a member too the website, you may not know how to navigate it. The site is also known to be laggy to users with all the fancy themes, animated gifs, banners and ads. As a member of DA myself, I can understand all of this and the annoyance this must bring. (it's laggy for me as well at times)

• The only clue to these DA updates have been by users who have caught these updates and relayed them to this comics site in the comments section, meaning unless you scroll down to read the comments, you still won’t know what’s going on and only see the update info posted here from last year.

• In one of these relayed updates it was revealed that they were working on a side comic, posted only to DA. This comic only got up to 3 pages with the last being posted June 29, 2017 with a comment of the next page ‘coming soon’. Again, a year has passed and no clear update or info has been given on when that will continue. (this angered some, with a few stating if you can't keep to normal updates on one comic, why start another?)

• It was posted and relayed again from DA last November 2017 that they were still working on this comic and had over the year only two pages nearly done for a ‘buffer’ and planned to work on more.

• They then gave another ‘update’ on DA that was relayed that they were promoting their Patreon and wanted to give people updates in advance if they payed. Some saw this as a scam with how little the comic has been updated over the last 4 years and how the update information has been handled. They also said they wanted to give us two pages for the next update. Bye bye buffer? No one wants to pay for a comic that takes months for a single page to get done.

• Pretty much, readers are angered that the author isn’t posting updates on this comic page where it can be clearly seen, but instead posting it to their DA where it’s not clearly noted to look there and can get lost in the mist of other journal posts.
• Reference’s to other comics that have gone on extended hiatus that posted information on their comic’s sites show a fan base that stood by and supported the comic and author even with over a year of no pages, where here it appears most have abandoned it.

• Readers have also pointed out most comics update on average once a week, and only after being established and reader input desired than started up a Patreon. Patreon is never to be the forefront to any comic but for here it seems to be pushed a lot. With the update history trying as it is and the trend seen with other comic projects started and dead, to push a Patreon is ill advised and can be seen as greedy. Sort out and stick to regular updates and clear posted information than if the fan base desires to offer support than promote a Patreon or donation system.

• It was also pointed out that until recently the Patreon even with nearly a year of no updates still had 3 members paying every month and wondered if they were even aware they were still being charged for nothing, furthering the scam notion. (it now has no supporters)

• To this date, as of February 2018 from their DA we know that at least two pages of the comic have been ‘finished’ over the year, and the author wants to boost that number to 5 or more before new pages start again.
• As it’s now March as of this post it’s unclear how long the wait will remain, but given the history and that its taken over a year for just 2 pages to get 'nearly done', we may still be looking another two + year wait still for the remaining 3 pages for the 'buffer' to get done. Than perhaps 1-3 pages a year if any at all. So I assume we'll be seeing updates around 2020, 2021?
Guest 21st Nov 2020, 1:22 AM
Next page?
Guest 21st Nov 2020, 1:22 AM
Next page?
Guest 21st Nov 2020, 1:22 AM
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Guest 21st Nov 2020, 1:22 AM
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